Current Events at ISTA

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar (T. Browning and T. Hausel)

Mathematics Colloquium ISTA (T. Browning and J. Maas)

Geometry and Topology seminar at University of Vienna (A. Keating, B. Szendrői and V. Vértesi)

Representation theory seminar at University of Vienna (H. Grobner, A. Mellit, A. Minguez)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Diskrete Mathematik (I. Fischer, M. Schlosser)

Summer School on Geometric Representation Theory (9 July—13 July 2018, ISTA)

Helvetic Algebraic Geometry seminar (ChAGS18), (3-7 June 2018, Konolfingen, Switzerland)

Algebraic Geometry Seminar (T. Hausel)

Budapest-Wien AG

Mathematical Physics and Analysis Seminar (L. Erdős, J. Maas, R. Seiringer)